Laser Dentistry

The concept of using laser therapy in the treatment of gums

Laser dentistry is a term used to describe the use of lasers in dental procedures instead of traditional dental tools. Dental lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. Lasers offer many benefits over traditional dental tools, including:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • Minimally invasive
  • Enhanced esthetics
  • Increased patient comfort
  • No bleeding
  • Reduces the need for dental drills
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less inflammation of soft tissues

At SmileMcLean Dentistry, Dr. Farahi uses dental lasers for a variety of procedures, including:


A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue from the gums. It is often performed to improve the appearance of the gums, but it can also be helpful in managing periodontal disease by removing gum pockets that collect bacteria.

Periodontal Treatment

Laser periodontal therapy uses laser technology to target bacteria and infected gum tissue, while preserving healthy gum tissue. This removes the infection without any cutting, sutures, or bleeding. The laser is then used to form a fibrin clot between the tooth and gum in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Gum Contouring and Reshaping

Gum contouring and reshaping involves cutting away excess gum tissue or restoring lost gum tissue in order to resculpt the gum line. This procedure reduces gingival hyperplasia (flabby gums), closes deep pockets with excess gum tissue, and improves the appearance of teeth. Although it is often done for cosmetic purposes, gum contouring can be medically necessary to treat periodontal disease.

If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry and the procedures we offer, please contact your McLean dental office today.